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The New Zealand Pure Pet Food Co

Numbers not 100{4595747d26347a8583717cf60f1efd10c865ac58d7727dc4f112c965faa3bfd2} I tried to find on pet food advisor the place the numbers are however I don’t know, he even removed it or I just can’t find it. Last I checked it was as much as 3500 meals so it’s very probably 4000 by now and the 450 was like 425. Other then a lawsuit for top containment’s of their food I’m unsure, at least we’re not having recall after recall like within the USA. The huge pet food firms Purina and Mars are occurring Witch Hunts for raw food as a outcome of it accommodates bacteria and they don’t want folks to feed uncooked as a outcome of their not making any cash off it. Wrote a comment of here’s an concept make higher food and you’ll have your sales again, cause clearly their loosing people to raw food, had like 10 upvotes, well because it was true. You’ll discover that if you do it this manner you will note less tummy upsets with raw bone feeding because the stomach PH will stay acidic and help kill off any micro organism naturally that your pup could encounter. Feeding dry food upsets this stomach PH and so you …

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